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Deputy Director – Protective Security Division
U.S. Marine Corps- Sergeant, Artillery and Marine Security Battalion

I am the deputy director for our firm’s largest division, the protective security division, which that includes hundreds of full time agents involved who protect all our at-risk clients. Like every senior leader at our firm, I began my career as an entry level associate. Through hard work I rose quickly through our merit based promotional system, becoming a manager, a detail leader, the chief medical instructor, a regional director, and now, deputy director. I have led security details on six different continents and trained hundreds of protectors. In all, I have helped shape this firm into what it is, and I’m thrilled to continue playing such a key role in our future as we grow and extend our presence across the world.


Be a “fire and forget” associate. “Fire and forget” is a complimentary term in the Marine Corps for defining a reliable and proficient Marine. In other words, no officer or NCO has to tell that Marine twice to perform a task. Once they give him the order, they consider it done. I encourage you to work hard and become a “fire and forget” associate. You will make life easier for all those around you, and life better for those you serve.


Transition- Many of us veterans felt the frustrations of a military where seniority (vice merit) determined promotions and responsibility. The private sector cares about one thing: results. If you are bursting with determination and ambition, and you’re willing to work hard, constantly improve, and be receptive to constructive criticism, then trust me, you will go far.  

-United States Marine Corps
Sergeant: Artillery and Marine Security Battalion
-Gavin de Becker & Associates
Security Staff Agent
Detail Leader C
Chief Medical Instructor
Regional Director
Deputy Director

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