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Junior Officer Leadership Program: Account Manager, Drilling
U.S. Air Force- Captain, Contracting Officer

As a member of the Junior Officer Leadership Program, I am currently on my second rotation as an Account Manager on the Drilling Commercial Team. In this capacity, I represent the company in an external-facing role with a key customer. This relationship has allowed the company to grow in a market in which we had not been participating to our fullest potential.  Prior to joining GE, I served 5 years overseas as a Contracting Officer including a deployment to Victory Base Complex, outside Baghdad in 2010. During that time, I developed the critical communication, financial, and managerial skills to succeed in my current role and continuously refined my ability to identify simple solutions to complex problems. My military experience has been incredibly beneficial and enables me to better coordinate with internal stakeholders and building quality relationships with our customers.


Go home tonight and print out several position descriptions in which you are interested. Then, compare these descriptions with your resume to see where you have gaps between your credentials and what is required per the career posting.  This exercise will give you a better idea of what you need to do between now and your separation date to better prepare for success. You can benefit from going through this process regardless of how much time you have to separation.


Seek opportunities to learn- Advanced degrees are highly desired by many companies. Sometimes this is the differentiator if you are looking to change career fields as I did. It's important to consider your potential degree and university. 
Networking- Make it a priority to meet new people! Talk to professionals in the industry you are interested in. Ask them what they do, what they like, what they dislike, and advice for someone looking to break in. Often, these relationships are the ones that open the door to new opportunities.
Communicate your skills- Most individuals screening your application have no military background. Make sure you clearly articulate the skills required in your military career and are able to translate how that skillset can be applied in the role for which you are applying. 

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