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Senior Recruiter
U.S. Air Force - Senior Airman, Fire Protection Specialist

As a Senior Corporate Recruiter I spend my day building relationships with both internal stakeholders and external candidates. As one of the many talent recruiters at GE, it is my job to seek out and attract the best and brightest men and women for some of the thousands of roles we hire in the U.S. each year. I enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect candidate and feel a sense of pride knowing that I am contributing to the future of GE and that I am affecting people’s lives in a positive way.


My career advice is: Do not underestimate personal relationships. We live in a high tech world so it’s easy to lose these connections in the sea of emails and websites we encounter on a daily basis. I’ve filled thousands of roles in my career and I constantly observe that the most well-networked people have the easiest time making career transitions. Education and experience play important roles in any career endeavor, but personal relationships give you a marked advantage in the same way that an employee referral may get more attention in the hiring process.

Volunteering for an internship, joining a social group where you’re likely to find people in the field you’re interested in, or having someone you hold in high regard review your resume are little things that can pay off in big ways.


It took some life experience for me to realize what I wanted to do with my long-term career. Looking back, my willingness to apply myself in any situation and a constant resolve to improve my life and my surroundings have served me well. That said, nothing can replace a good education.

What I enjoy most about GE is the fact that it’s a true meritocracy. You control your own destiny and are rewarded for excellence. GE is the company that people come to when they want to avoid the glass ceilings.

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