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Regional Sales Vice President - Territory Sales West
U.S. Army - Captain, Quartermaster, Supply and Logistics

My role as Regional Sales Vice President for Territory Sales West has the responsibility of sales growth for medium size customers supported by approximately 450 sales team members. My business partners span across the organization.

In my experience within the sales function I found a few key characteristics that create team member success: ambition, ability to overcome adversity and a hunger to win. These key attributes drive the critical ability to learn quickly in a very fast paced environment.


Never forget your history; never forget who you are at the core. In my transition from the Army, I spent a significant amount of time trying to “civilianize” myself. In hindsight, allowing my military core -- “Mission First, People Always,” into my work was certainly more relevant than I could have ever imagined. Although these guiding principles are thought to be distinctive to military life, they are core for most people. Strong leaders promote accomplishment and achievement by investing in others and focusing the team on reaching a common goal. Understanding the link between the military principles of strength, conviction, and unity as requirements in business leadership became clear. The moment I made these core principles a dominant force in my business leadership, my authentic natural leadership abilities were enhanced. This shift back to my core increased my ability to quickly make an impact and connect to the business and the people that support the foundation of the organization.


My career has evolved, in part, by taking on challenging work assignments and highlighting the results in my resume.  In addition, my exposure to many functions has established a very strong foundation as I move though my own personal career lattice (i.e. Supply Chain, Operations, Manufacturing Support, and Sales). To round out the entire picture, I have taken every chance to leverage all opportunities that have been afforded; from my education at West Point to my Engineering background and my diverse work experiences. Never underestimate the impact of a challenge that may not feel natural and the advantages it can bring to building a career.

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