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Small adam 2nd class petty officer navy




Government Account Manager
U.S. Navy - Petty Officer 2nd Class, Cryptologic Technician Operator

One thing that I enjoy more than anything is helping my customers solve real business problems and feeling like the products and services that I provide make a difference. At Grainger, I have a select group of Higher Education, Healthcare, Federal, State and Local Government accounts that are assigned to me, and it is my responsibility to help them achieve their business goals. Since this is a sales job, it’s not a surprise that each of my assigned account is expected to grow their sales. It’s my job to find ways to make that happen. I am competitive by nature so for me this position is rather rewarding. I would recommend this type of role for anyone who is outgoing, competitive, enjoys a challenge and would enjoy working closely with customers to solve problems.


Don’t underestimate how valuable a relationship is when it comes to employment opportunities or referrals. Leverage your relationships to the fullest. Have a sense of self-awareness of your own skill sets. Are you competitive and can you speak to people? Sales could be something that works for you. Another recommendation is to learn about the culture of the company you are thinking of joining. Be confident and choose a company that has a great reputation for hiring and valuing veterans. Grainger truly values their veterans and was just recognized in Fortune Magazine's 2015 Most Admired Companies in the World.


I started college when I was in the military, but didn’t finish until many years later. It took me twice as long as most students, but I didn’t give up! I took advantage of the money available to me for my degree. I recommend taking advantage of the available money for college and get your degree. It is only going to help you stand out further among the competitive workforce. Also, if your company offers you training, take advantage of it. Recognize the cost and investment that they are making in you and show appreciation by implementing the training being provided. I remember training from years ago and still use some of the principles today.    

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