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Territory Sales Representative
U.S. Air Force - Master Sergeant, Air Transportation

My role as a Territory Sales Representative is to work with our customers to develop a more strategic partnership and help them understand how Grainger can reduce cost in their business through our services and product availability. My day-to-day is ever changing. I typically make 3-4 hard appointments and have a high level plan for the remainder of the day. With over 300 customers there is sure to be someone with an emergency almost every day. I try to remain flexible and adjust my day as needed to help those with critical needs. For the times when we get to sit down and talk, my time is spent understanding what is driving their business and how the local economy is impacting their production or sales. This allows me to share insight with other customers, ultimately becoming a better support to each of them.


My biggest piece of advice for reservist or guardsmen is to keep your customers informed with anything going on with your military career. The more I share with my customers about my upcoming trainings, my unavailability and changes in the military for policy or procedure, the more they feel connected. I find a lot of veterans appreciate working with someone who is still involved with the military and enjoy having a conversation about the military vs. reading about changes online.


While education is key to getting your foot in the door, I feel that the nontangible skills are the most important in the civilian sector. The difference between being a leader and a boss stems from the way you address those around you.  

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