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Systems Technician I
U.S. Marine Corps - Sergeant, Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Technician, Martial Arts Instructor

As a Systems Technician, I am responsible for commissioning and downloading software for large HVAC systems controls. It requires a great deal of attention to detail and a strong work ethic to get the job done. Each day is different, which allows for a diverse work environment to learn new concepts every day. Leadership within the organization puts a great deal of trust in each employee to complete the tasks assigned; therefore, a high level of integrity is required to ensure confidence by those who trust me. The most exciting aspect about working for Johnson Controls Inc. is that no day is the same. Every job I encounter brings a new experience to build upon and the skills I have acquired from the military have been critical to my success.


For anyone who desires to work at Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI), I recommend being persistent in applying and getting your name recognized. There are A LOT of people who want to work for this company; as they should because JCI delivers a dynamic work environment and the ability to grow in an innovative and fast-growing industry. Although it is recommended, you do not have to have a college education or a lot of experience in working with large HVAC systems. JCI strives to hire individuals who are disciplined, eager to learn and have the ability to bring a fresh perspective towards innovation and sustainability. JCI ensures that you will be challenged while allowing ample opportunities to excel academically, which the company will pay for. Not too many companies offer this type of benefit.


Prior to working at JCI, I had eight years of military experience in working with small HVAC equipment and a B.S. in Social and Criminal Justice. I figured I had no chance in working for JCI because I did not have a degree in engineering or a lot of experience working with the equipment that JCI produces. However, I soon realized that it did not matter what type of degree I had, but rather my willingness to learn. I started out at JCI as a contracted worker and during this time I was able to showcase my ability to complete tasks in a timely manner, prove that I was capable of learning the company’s products and services, and be disciplined in my work ethic. After three months, I was presented with a job offer and became a permanent employee. It took a lot of patience on my end, however, I landed a job that I could have only hoped for. I am currently finishing up with school and will have my MBA before the end of the year. JCI has accommodated me very well and understands that furthering my education is important to me and important for the company as well.   

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