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Plant Human Resources Manager
U.S. Air Force - Lt. Colonel, Force Support Officer

As the Plant HR Manager, I am responsible for all aspects of HR for the plant. Daily, I oversee hourly employee scheduling, training, investigations, discipline, grievance resolution, tracking of key HR metrics, and assisting employees in navigating our on-line HR management system. Also, as a member of the Plant Senior Leadership Team, I am involved in Operations planning, mid-year and end-of-year performance management activities, annual compensation planning, and succession planning/talent management activities. The main strengths from my military service that enabled me to transition into this role were effective communication with all levels of the organization, deliberate planning activities, problem solving, team buildings, and effective decision making.


For anyone transitioning from military service, my main piece of advice would be to not sell your experience short. While some of the experiences may not seem to be directly transferrable to the civilian sector, the skills of team building, communication, planning, and decision making are vital to any organization, whether private or public. Just because you do not have a specific skillset or experience set, do not let this deter you from applying for a role. Once you make it past the initial screening, your attributes will sell themselves to any prospective employer.


Team- I believe some of my key career steps that aided in securing my current role stemmed from team success (team awards and recognition) instead of any individual recognition. Leading multiple organizations that were recognized as Best in Command showed potential employers that my focus was on the organization and not on my personal advancement.

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