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Senior Manager, Global IT
U.S. Army - Captain, Logistics Officer

I work in the Global Work Place Solutions department under Kellogg’s IT. As a Senior Manager in this department, I am a project owner as well as a resource manager. As a team, we build and test solutions for the workplace to include printing, meeting rooms, and video conferencing. My team not only works with our regional partners, but we also work with external vendors who assist with these projects. As the project owner, I am also responsible for ensuring decisions made within the project match the scope and vision of Work Place as well as meet the needs of the business.


Have a plan, but be flexible. I had a rock solid plan…that didn’t happen. I planned on moving back near my family in Michigan, work for the Department of Logistics and use my GI Bill to get my MBA. I was accepted to grad school, I applied to all DLA positions that I was qualified for, and I didn’t count my chickens. I also applied for five to ten jobs daily in the same area that were civilian organizations. To my surprise, I was getting more attention from corporations. I was offered a job from Kellogg’s but I had to get approval to exit the Army two months early. I did my homework prior to interviewing and I knew that it was very feasible to get an early release. I pushed the system and was able to be home five weeks after I was hired. I also chose to defer starting my MBA for a semester in order to adjust to the demands of my new job.


I have an Elementary Education degree, was a Logistics Officer in the Army and all of that somehow landed me a job as a Senior Manager for IT. I cannot say that this is a typical path or one that will work for most people. However, I can say that what I have learned from both teaching and being an officer in the Army has led me to where I am. My foundation is built on knowing people and knowing how to relate to them. Moreover, succeeding in missions against all odds is attractive to corporations. As a job seeker, relate what you have done in the military to the job market and it will make you a desirable hire to employers.

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