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Logistics Quality Sr. Mgr.
U.S. Army - Corporal, Airborne/Infantry

Everyday is exciting and full of challenges. Our work environment is constantly changing as our business evolves. I like that I am involved in many aspects of what we do (logistics quality, hard surface replacements, claims). The skills I developed at a young age in the military help me to adapt to constant changes and the importance of seeing things through until the objective is reached.


A civilian work environment is never going to be as rigid and structured as the military. Military roles are very specific, but in the modern workforce, we are asked to wear many different "hats" and perform a wide variety of functions.


Attention to detail- Paying attention to the smallest and most intricate parts of the job.
Completing objectives- Always finish what you start.
Preparedness- Prepare yourself for the unknowns and for future opportunities.
Leadership- Inevitably at some point you will be asked to lead, make sure you know the qualities that great leaders possess and try to exemplify them.


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