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Technical Recruiter
U.S. Air Force - Master Sergeant, Communication/Navigation Technician

As a technical recruiter my job is to recruit people to fill technical roles at our Mohawk plants throughout the United States. I work with hiring managers identifying what their needs are for a specific position and then I go out and find the person they need to fill it. I recruit maintenance mechanics, electricians, electronics technicians, engineers, and maintenance managers/supervisors. Being a recruiter in the Air Force definitely prepared me to be a recruiter at Mohawk Industries. I like my job because it is never the same job day in and day out. It is face-paced and I enjoy the challenge of finding the skill sets needed for these technical openings. Technical talent is getting harder and harder to find and I enjoy the challenge of finding and placing them in a career that brings value to themselves and Mohawk Industries.


It takes at least a year to make the transition from military to civilian. I remember thinking when I first got out of the military I had made a terrible mistake. Everything felt really chaotic to me. One of the things that was shocking to me was the lack of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). In the military there is an SOP for everything and it’s simply not that way in the civilian sector. Be prepared to do a job and have the latitude to do it the way you want to do it. There are no step-by-step procedures to follow and it is an opportunity for you to “think outside the box” to get a job done. This was a cultural shift I had to make. You may feel you have made a mistake when you first enter the civilian sector, just as I did, but stick with it and you will find the civilian sector can be very rewarding, too.


Education- I earned my degree in Industrial Engineering, this has not only helped me in my supervisor role, but also working on different projects due to my analytical skills. Completing the Six Sigma course has also contributed to my success. 

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