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Marketing Technology Consultant
U.S. Air Force - Captain

I’m a Marketing Technology consultant at Nationwide. In this role, I am responsible for developing and supporting customer information capabilities in order to support internal business partners. I work across the organization — predominantly with the Marketing and IT departments — to help Marketing analyze and implement improvements on how to use data more efficiently. Prior to joining Nationwide, I served eight years of active duty as an Air Force Intelligence officer, including four years overseas. During this time, I developed key leadership, analytical and project management skills I still use on a daily basis. My Air Force experience enabled me to lead teams of diverse people to solve complex problems.


The best advice I can give someone thinking about transitioning from a military career to one in corporate America is to start early. Start by analyzing what it is you enjoy about the military, and use that information to guide you toward a field in which you can use those same skills. Once you find a career that interests you, research the industry — and companies within it — to gain an appreciation for the issues within that field. This will make you an informed candidate. Also, take time to network and consider partnering with a recruitment firm to help guide your transition.


I believe there are two major skills veterans bring to the workplace. The first is leadership. Whether you were a private or an officer, veterans know how to lead. Veterans have a level of real-life experience that most companies find hard to duplicate. The second skill is teamwork. All military units function as a cohesive team and, through our service, we’ve learned valuable lessons that make us effective team members. Remember, as a Veteran, you have a lot of skills to offer companies. It’s up to you to highlight those skills in the recruitment process. 

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