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Business Project Management Specialist
U.S. Army Reserves - PSYOP Multimedia Specialist

As a project manager responsible for strategic processes, I continually work toward operational improvement. The projects for which I’m responsible help bridge the gap between my department’s high-level strategic vision and the implementation of daily operations. Each project is like a puzzle; I enjoy mapping current business practices and finding the missing pieces that will create additional efficiencies. After eight years of activated service with the U.S. Army Reserves — including deployments in Iraq, Jordan and various stateside locations — this is my first corporate job. My military experience prepared me for work in a corporate environment by enhancing my adaptability. Psychological Operations taught me valuable skills in communication, leadership, efficiency and drive; I use this skills every day at Nationwide.


Lean on your military network. We served our country as brothers and sisters in arms, and we need to continue to look to each other as we transition to civilian lives. Veterans in your network can help you approach the transition successfully — and may know of job openings within their organizations. They can help you interpret the abilities you developed in the military into competencies that hiring managers value. Additionally, as you progress through your civilian career, consider mentorship and coaching from veteran colleagues as an integral professional development tool.


Sell yourself as a today’s veteran. Civilian employers tend to have an antiquated view of veterans as gruff loners who are dependable and excellent at following directions, but not good at dealing with change or adversity. Today’s fighting forces, however, are adaptable, innovative and flexible. We’re educated, technologically savvy and driven. We volunteer in our communities and work together doing whatever it takes to get the job done. We live by the creed: adapt and overcome. Don’t assume a prospective employer makes the connection between your military experience and how it has prepared you for the civilian workplace. Give examples of specific tasks from your military experience that have molded you into the candidate they’re looking for.

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