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Manager, Talent Acquisition
U.S. Air Force - Sr. Airman, Electronic Protection Technician

I am currently the Manager, Talent Acquisition, responsible for the day to day operations of our Talent Acquisition department. We ensure that the best talent available is being presented to our managers for positions they are needing to fill. I am also responsible for the systems we use to accomplish our tasks, ensure that policies and procedures are being adhered to, and tracking my departments performance. People skills and ability to get the job done under any circumstance are important skills to have but being versatile to our business needs are paramount. The best part of this job is interacting with so many different people and working towards incorporating operational improvements, not to mention working with some of the best in our career field.


It is important to continually learn and strive for more education in the field you work in. Utilize the work ethic that the military instills in you to be better than others. Don’t be afraid of success or failure, work hard to knowing your skill set to best of your ability and trust your knowledge.

I finished my military career with almost 2 years of college completed. I was fortunate to land a good job as a recruiter without completing my degree. The military got me in the door but the only way I was going to progress through my career was to complete my degree so that all doors would be open. Completing my degree enabled me to be qualified for management level positions that I was very interested in performing. Also, my experience in the Air Force has made a huge impact on my career as I have continually used those experiences in the civilian work force to accomplish just about all tasks set before me…GO AIR FORCE!

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