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J. Courtney


J. Courtney

Sr. Territory Manager
U.S. Coast Guard

I joined the Coast Guard not long after high school and didn’t have much a work history before then. I have always loved the mission of the U.S. Coast Guard. With its primary mission of search and rescue, the U.S. Coast Guard helps people every day, not just in time of war.

Panasonic is #1 in rugged mobility and offered me a chance to work with men and women in uniform and support their work. I am currently a Territory account manager for mobility, supporting the US Navy and Marine Corps.

It is important to me to support Veterans because they are willing to give their lives and unfortunately do sometimes give their lives for our country. I believe it is the least we can do to support our troops. I hope people will say thank you to them when you see them in public or even more by supporting large scale initiatives and events.


One of the most important things that I learned from the military is teamwork. I was taught to rely on my team members and that they should be able to rely on me. Those behaviors—trust and reliance—are important in the military and the workplace.

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