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Senior Director Product Operations
U.S. Army - Master Sergeant, M1 Armor Crewman

As the head of Product Operations, my role can be viewed through a strategic and tactical lens. Tactically, I manage a set of teams that enable our product managers and designers to create innovative products that our customers love and tell others about. Teams include Product Enterprise Risk Management; Training & Education; Product Communications; Business Operations; and our Customer-Driven Innovation center of excellence. Strategically, my role is to define our operating model and guide the evolution of the type skills, teams, organizational elements we need to continue providing our product offering around the world.


I know it’s tough to do, but start thinking about your civilian career options and preferences long before you ETS. The earlier the better because you’ll have more time to plan/engage in the type of education and training required to support your career aspirations. Even if you are considering re-enlisting, make sure you have a contingency plan. And when it’s time to use your GI Bill to get the training, aim for the highest quality training/education out there. Check out any institution for their job placement track record.


I have an engineering degree and an MBA. My graduate degree is the critical element in my background that enabled any success I have today. Because I pursued a full-time degree, it allowed me the time and mechanism (new graduate vs. job seeker) to transition into a new career. My military experience has sharpened my planning, problem-solving, leadership and people management skills. More importantly, I have gained many values from the military that have guided me through the tough times over the years--discipline, integrity and responsibility.

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