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Senior Manager, Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) Development
U.S. Army - Sergeant, Combat Engineer

I am an Army veteran serving 12 years as a Combat Engineer on active duty and reserves with tours of duty in Ft. Lewis, Wash., Ft Benning, Ga., Iraq, and Canada.

I earned a BS in Chemistry from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and a M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Denver. I have been with Pfizer Kalamazoo for 10 years and started in R&D, developing methods for trace metal analysis and process troubleshooting. I have an extensive background in analytical chemistry, developing new methods and applications. For the past five years I have worked in the Process Analytical Sciences Group developing novel PAT systems for monitoring biologic manufacturing.

I am the chair of Pfizer’s Alternative/Rapid Microbiological Methods (ARMM) strategic committee responsible for the assessment, deployment, and support of rapid microbiological methods that measure biochemical or physiological parameters, which indicate metabolism. Current projects include the development of automated water testing platforms for pharmaceutical waters, online RMM technologies, and Monoclonal antibody (MAbs) therapies manufacturing support.


The military has taught me how to adapt to changes in projects and teams. All ideas are perfect until they start. The biggest challenge I experienced is the fluid ‘chain-of–command’ in Pfizer. Working with highly diverse and motivated colleagues is exciting. The abilities to adapt, improvise and overcome have served me well to complete projects.


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