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Senior Finance Auditor, Corporate Audit
U.S. Army Reserves - Staff Sergeant, Medical Corps Branch

I am responsible for executing Pfizer’s corporate regulatory audits and overseeing all financial related processes and systems. The scope of my functional responsibilities include auditing Revenue Recognition, Financial Reporting, Foreign Corruptive Practices, Procurement and Travel & Entertainment globally. As a former Platoon Sergeant, I was able to hone my leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills and contribute these to a successful transition into my career at Pfizer.


Be able to identify and convey your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Leadership, teamwork and integrity are attributes all private sector companies look for in potential  candidates.


•Education – Take advantage of the G.I. Bill and Tuition Assistance benefits to get the education and training that will help you secure a great job. I used my Post 9/11 GI Bill to complete my MBA.

•Strengths – Identify your key competencies, qualities, intangibles and accomplishments that motivate you. Make sure they are represented in your resume and communicated in your presentation.

•Build your Network – The best way to find opportunities is by talking to people around you. A strong network of friends, relatives, and acquaintances (industry insiders) is a valuable job search resource. People do business primarily with people they know and like and employers highly consider potential candidates based on vetted recommendations.

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