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Area Director of Operations
U.S. Army - Corps of Engineers, Combat Engineer

Responsible for leading the company’s North Texas Area that consists of collection, post collection, and Material Recovery Sites, and has annual revenues in excess of $620M. My primary focus is on team development, career succession plans for hi-potential employees, market growth, community relationships, and establishing Republic Services as the company of choice in the North Texas market.


The ability to understand and execute a plan that is purposeful and strategic in nature is necessary in business and not just in combat. Understanding what it takes to win in battle and in a market are essential to long-term career success.


Education first and always- never stop learning!  

Team Development- ability to establish respect and trust in a timely manner, willingness to tackle difficult conversations regardless of how uncomfortable the topic, passion to facilitate learning and to challenge others to step-out of their comfort zone, and a genuine passion to lead people are some of the useful skills that enable me to compete for positions of increasing responsibility. 

Career Milestones- patience is critical when establishing long-term career goals.  Being realistic in my abilities and having a high level of willingness to accept feedback around performance gaps and shortfalls in both business and executive acumen allowed me to better map out my career path. A commitment that requires personal sacrifice, potential relocations, is something to consider when setting career milestones. The military way of life taught me how to adapt to change, how to achieve success in new and fluid environments, how to earn respect and trust, and to understand the importance of empowering others.  Respect, Trust, and Empowering others are the three primary components of my success. 

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