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Area Recruiter - North Texas
U.S. Air Force - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare Instructor - Air Traffic Control

As an Area Recruiter for Republic Services I am tasked with the responsibility of attracting and recruiting the best and brightest talent in the market place to fill positions at all levels.  The ability to build and maintain working sustainable relationships with internal business partners as well as community organizations, colleges /universities and recruiting sources is central to the success in this role.  In addition, I am a business partner with a broader human resources team tackling a wide range of H/R issues and concerns. Participates in H/R discussions and strategy.


Approach your job search as if it were a full time job and remember to utilize transition resources to assist with building your resume and cover letter. It's also important adapt your resume’s objective to ensure it is clearly in alignment with each position of interest, familiarize yourself with positions by researching online before applying.


Thinking back on my transition from military life to the civilian sector was indeed a challenge but an experience I was eager and ready to accept.

Challenges that can be faced

-What transferable skills do I bring to the table?

-Interview protocol – the do’s and don’ts

-Articulating relevant military training and experience during an interview

-Handling interview rejection letters

-Understanding the difference between the military and the civilian job sector

-How is the civilian workplace authority structure set up?

-How will my work and performance be judged?

-How can I show value to my future employer? 

Overcoming challenges

-Talk with your transition counselors about your career goals and expectations

-Share and exchange best practices with your peers and family

-Keep a journal handy to track your personal job search activities. e.g.  Application/interview dates – follow up dates – contact info - results – successes/areas for opportunity.

-Never give-up, the right job/career is just around the corner waiting for you. 

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