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District Operations Specialist
U.S. Air Force - Sergeant, Telecommunication Specialist

In the Air Force, I was responsible for the timely delivery and transmission of messages for various commands and divisions that were stationed on/around the Air Base. It was important that I prioritized my duties and paid attention to the details. My current position as a DOS requires those same skills as part of a team that oversees the administrative and operational aspects of the branch offices in our district.


My advice to military personnel who are transitioning to civilian positions is to remember that the skills and knowledge you acquired in the military are transferrable. You should remind prospective employers that not only do you offer your particular skill set, but you also offer the discipline, dedication, commitment and leadership skills that the military instills in its personnel.

The two things that were most beneficial to me as I transitioned from military life to civilian life were the discipline and the leadership that the military developed in my character. Those traits were recognized and further developed by my supervisors as I was given more and more responsibilities in my positions.

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