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Business System Analyst
U.S. Air Force - Technical Sergeant, Enlisted Recruiter

As a Business System Analyst in the IT field, I help develop the request for updating current business process/systems or new products for the use of the company. I will document, review and obtain formal approval from business owners, development teams and QA for requirements for new systems or enhancements. I schedule and conduct meetings with the development teams and QA to define the tasks and their estimated effort. Sometimes I will have to follow up a few times to get the information that I have requested.

I also coordinate with other business partners to ensure the timely delivery of the requested product. And sometimes solve basic business problems as needed. I have to also be able to present any request for enhancements or products to a weekly meeting with other departments. I have to be adaptable in working with a wide range of people and professions.


The advice I could give to a transitioning service member is; "Until they land their dream civilian job or career, they should be open to any job or career that becomes available. They are stepping stones or building blocks to what they want to achieve.“

The rest is to have a resume ready and be prepared to adapt it to the job you are applying for. Look for programs that can help improve your skill set, interview skills and how to properly set up and maintain your online profile. Lastly continue learning, from pursuing a new degree or certificate.

So far what I have learned is to be adaptable at work and be open to how others interact with me. People will have their stereotypes of veterans and I want to make sure I give them a positive impression. Make sure my work is up to date and be willing to help other coworkers when they need help. Ask for feedback from coworkers and supervisors to help learn how to improve myself. Always keep your resume and online profile up to date.

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