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Project Manager
U.S. Army - First Lieutenant, Officer

As an IT Project Manager with Robert Half supporting our North America field offices in technology build-outs or deployment projects, leadership and planning are essential to day to day duties. These are skills most service members develop throughout their career in the military and learned through experience, along with training. In addition to those skills, documentation, management, and soft skills help in the facilitation of planning meetings and budget accountability. Finally, a flexible and adaptable outlook is important in the ever changing landscape of the IT industry where new products or technology are being introduced to support the success of the Robert Half field offices.


My advice to transitioning service members is to have a positive attitude and an exit strategy. There can be a lot more changes and challenges from what anyone might have prepared you for. Keeping a resilient mindset and resolving road blocks is essential, but set yourself up for success and develop networks with potential co-workers, employers, or recruiters.

Education, Certification, and Specialization. Focus on opportunities and leadership challenges to facilitate personal growth towards a set goal, not on a process or script.

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