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Field Technical Expert
U.S. Navy - Petty Officer, Surface Ship Nuclear Propulsion Plant Operator, Reactor Control

In my first role as a Field Service Engineer, I travelled throughout the upper Midwest and US to commission, maintain and repair Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and critical power distribution. The skills obtained in the Navy that contributed to my success in this job were the extensive technical knowledge and self-reliance as many of these assignments were remote and solo.

In my next role as a Service Manager with a team of 17 remote field engineers I had the duty of increasing productivity, maintaining control of operating expense and improving customer satisfaction. The most valuable skill the Navy provided me in this job was leadership. The leadership element is a very significant influence for success in this type of role.

Currently as a Field Technical Expert I provide technical knowledge, innovation and leadership for the overall service operations teams in complex and challenging circumstances. My role is largely about assisting and influencing positive collaboration between service operations, sales, technical support, training, engineering and customers during escalation of critical issues for demanding customers. I strive to improve technical readiness of field service team by developing and demonstrating safe work habits, best practices and exploring new technologies that can be incorporated. These escalations and events could become extremely stressful. But I benefit from skills obtained during my Navy career such as advanced technical knowledge, self-reliance and composure in situations that can be extremely intimidating for others.


Maintain a positive attitude and be receptive to change. Adapting to a new culture during the transition from military to civilian life can be a challenge. For example, developing the readiness for constant change and coping with the feelings of uncertainty that comes with stepping into a different environment. can be difficult for an individual who has been residing in a precisely structured and rigidly scheduled military culture for 4, 6 or 20 years.


The technical skills obtained in the military are highly desirable in the civilian workplace. Take the opportunity to obtain as much technical training as possible in the many different fields as offered. Hiring managers will already assume that you have a good work ethic and ability to handle pressure. Show them the technical skills and leadership values that will contribute to the success of their business.

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