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Marketing, U.S. Oncology
U.S. Army - Captain, Supply & Logistics

After graduating from West Point, one of my earliest experiences as an Army logistics officer was serving as the platoon leader for a Security Detachment in Baghdad, Iraq. This was my first of two year-long deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. While serving in this role, I led 40 soldiers and conducted more than 100 combat logistics patrols to provide security for people and equipment across a variety of situations in the Baghdad area. I was fortunate to receive a Bronze Star Medal and Combat Action Badge for my service.

Following my second tour overseas and my five years of active duty service, I pursued an MBA in order to further build my business acumen and skill set. I have always had a passion for marketing, especially in the healthcare industry where we can make a true impact by developing and delivering breakthrough therapies for those affected by rare diseases and other high-need conditions.

In my professional role on Shire’s marketing team for U.S. Oncology, I am responsible for developing and implementing the brand strategy and tactics for a product given to patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. There is a tremendous amount of job satisfaction from knowing that the products we provide to patients truly make a difference in their lives and their families’ lives.


Take your time to find your passion – and then follow it. Your skill set from the military will serve you well regardless of your path.


At first it may seem daunting to transition from the military to the corporate setting, but there are so many skills that directly apply.  The military teaches you invaluable lessons about teamwork, leadership, prioritization, work ethic, project management, flexibility and agility. You learn to persevere despite the obstacles in order to deliver strong results. 

One of the biggest challenges for transitioning veterans is to translate these skills into an easily digestible résumé for civilian hiring managers. Thankfully, there are many resources and mentors available to help veterans communicate their unique qualifications for their next career move.  

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