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Director, Clinical Development Governance
U.S. Navy - Lieutenant, Supply Corps

I am a logistics, procurement and program management professional with 10 years of experience in numerous high-performing and hands-on leadership positions. I have significant experience in both clinical trial manufacturing and large-scale commercial manufacturing supply chain.

In my current role at Shire, I lead the Clinical Development Governance group. This group oversees all of our major decision-making bodies, which, in essence, drive our innovation and strategy so we can continue to be the leading global biotechnology company focused on serving people with rare diseases and other highly specialized conditions.

I am also an experienced military officer and project manager with an extensive background in EXLOG (expeditionary logistics) and I am still active in the Navy Reserve (SELRES).


Ask as many questions as possible! Most often, I see that the military résumé and the corporate résumé don’t translate that well. The more questions you ask during the interview process or phone screen process, the more lightbulbs will go off in your head to allow you to connect back to your experience and say, “I did something very similar when I was stationed at XYZ…” The more applicability and experience, the better the chances at getting the role.


As a hiring manager, I am never looking to just “hire someone.” I am hiring because I have a problem and I need someone to solve it or fix it. Keep this in mind when exploring career opportunities and position yourself as the one who is going to solve or fix the issue at hand. Military training – no matter what the service, designator or MOS – has taught you some of the most basic traits hiring managers like me are looking for: leadership, teamwork, time management and most of all, pride in everything you do!

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