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Regional Business Director
U.S. Army - Specialist, Pharmacy

As a regional business director for the Northwest, I lead a team of eight managers and approximately 75 sales representatives across 15 states. We work hard to impact patient lives for the better by bringing value to our customers, which creates personal self-actualization as we serve our families and greater communities. With integrity, we commit to helping healthcare partners in the NW through an “opportunity” mindset, being courageous patient advocates and executing with grit and determination by maximizing resources. We collaborate to create a strategic approach and execute through a work smarter accountability mindset.


Graduating high school and going into the United States Army, I had no idea what I wanted to pursue for a career. It was while I was stationed at Fort Sam Houston’s Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas that I began to realize I really enjoyed the work I was doing as a Pharmacy Specialist helping patients. While I had a lot of autonomy in my pharmacy role within the military, my skills only translated to lower paying pharmacy positions when I returned to civilian life. So I decided to use the benefit provided for me by the GI Bill to attend college, where I eventually earned a degree in Biology. It was during this time I began exploring other career paths in pharmaceuticals. This included looking at opportunities on the commercial-side of the industry where companies like Takeda value and seek out the leadership skills and discipline that are the core of my military service.


My time in the Army gave me a chance to find a career path that was right for me. My training in pharmacy gave me a passion for pharmaceuticals. The intangible military traits such as persistence, a “can-do” attitude, motivation, leadership, discipline, and being able to make difficult decisions under pressure have defined my career. All of these things combined became the foundation necessary to succeed once I completed my military service. Working for Takeda has provided me with many additional opportunities for success. For example, I was able to apply for their tuition assistance program to attend graduate school where I earned a Master of Business Administration in Organizational Leadership and a Six Sigma Certification. Most recently I helped found – and was named chairperson of – a veteran’s employee resource group that launched in 2014 as part of Takeda’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. We named our organization STRIVE, which stands for Supporting Troops and Inspiring Veteran Engagement. One of our key initiatives is taking on a leadership role to drive Takeda’s efforts in recruiting, retaining, and developing military talent, while also actively participating in local social outreach activities that support veterans and active duty military personnel outside of Takeda.

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