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District Business Manager
U.S. Army - Captain, Instructor Pilot/Commander

I am a District Business Manager (DBM), responsible for leading and managing a team of Professional Primary Care Sales Representatives. Our mission is to educate Primary Care and Specialty providers on the benefits of our medications and to impact prescribing behavior to ensure patients get the best treatment option while producing sales results. I rely heavily on the solid leadership experiences I gained in the Army as I lead and interact with a variety of professionals that span a broad range of social skills and challenges. In my role, I often make quick decisions during ambiguous scenarios with little information, which is consistent with my experience in the military. My position provides me an opportunity to leverage my communication and presentation skills to engage people in many different venues, from large audiences to one-on-one crucial conversations. As a DBM with Takeda, I am empowered to lead and manage my District Business as necessary based on my understanding of the local marketplace, dynamic environment and needs of my business.

My military experience and solid work ethic allowed me to jump into my sales career at Takeda and immediately build a solid, successful track record. With my military background, I was able to quickly engage many different personality types. The solid work ethic I formed in the military set me apart as a reliable, hard worker. With Takeda’s support, I was able to further my education and earn my MBA. Leveraging my education and highly successful sales foundation, I earned promotion to our Managed Care Division. This role provides me the opportunity to work and contract with Managed Care and Pharmacy Directors, as well as Long-Term Care organizations. I now have a solid understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and contracting side of our business. While I did not realize it as I transitioned to civilian life, the leadership skills, military experience and hard work gained from my Army career gave me a solid foundation and unique perspective for a successful business career. It has been a terrific experience and transition for me!


Know and understand that you have a LOT to offer any corporate organization! Understand that your work ethic, leadership and communication skills, combined with your proven ability to quickly assess situations and formulate a plan is invaluable to the business needs of today.

When you hire on with a company, find a mentor, take time to assess the situation, LISTEN, OBSERVE then ACT!

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