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Sr. Security Command Center Specialist
U.S. Navy - Chief Petty Officer, Quartermaster

I oversee the operations of a Security Program at Takeda Pharmaceuticals that is responsible for monitoring the safety of colleagues against internal and external threats around the world. I work closely with colleagues at all levels within the company, anywhere from field representatives to senior executives responsible for managing entire business units. My team and I work around the clock to ensure the safety of Takeda colleagues, and to mitigate or minimize any interruption in the availability of Takeda’s products to our patients.


Transitioning from active duty to civilian status is hard, regardless of the branch you served in or the type of duty you performed. Get out and start connecting with people early on, before the expiration of your active obligated service. Use your military and government network, but also reach out to family and friends who might be able to help you in the process.

Take advantage of professionals in your fields of interest who are willing to help, schedule informational interviews, and ask for feedback on your resume. Stay actively engaged throughout your job search, starting a full year before you get out of the military. Even if you do not have a job right off the bat, continue to stay engaged and talk to people.

The effort you put toward making these connections and sharing your unique skills will help employers see the value you can bring to their organization. Takeda recognizes my military training as an asset to my current role.

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