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Manager, Security and Intelligence
U.S. Army - Specialist, Armor Crewman

I provide leadership and execute strategies for the 24x7 Takeda Security Command Center, Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Travel Risk Management and the Security/Risk Intelligence Program.

I coordinate the global Takeda TravelSafe program and global Travel Safety Council to help ensure an appropriate duty of care for business travelers and expatriates. On a daily basis, we monitor world events and triangulate them in comparison to where our people and assets are located at that moment. We are there to help protect our people and businesses against unexpected situations.

I also oversee the Security/Risk Intelligence Program to assist Takeda leaders globally in making informed and risk-evaluated business decisions. I manage a team of analytical advisors that look at and interpret information so that it is easy to digest and supports our businesses and stakeholders to pick paths for successful outcomes.

I collaborate with the Global Crisis Management Office in Tokyo, Japan to ensure alignment and support for global initiatives, risk management and crisis management policies.


The most important piece of advice I can offer is to have a mission and purpose. In the military we are provided clear missions and purpose. In the private sector the missions and purpose may not be as obvious. You should have personal goals to accomplish specific educational and job milestones – mine was an MBA and a manager level role. For the corporate side of the mission I sought out mentors and clarity around the company’s mission and how I could contribute to business success. With effort, I was able to achieve my personal and professional missions while also finding the camaraderie I had in the military.

While on active duty, I took CLEP tests and was able to transfer my life experiences into college credit. After completing active duty with the 2nd Battalion, 69th Armor, I had more life focus. I knew my first priority was completing my college education while gaining some work experiences. When I came home I immediately restarted my community college effort, obtained my two year degree and transferred to a university to obtain my Bachelor’s degree. While earning and accepting greater supervisory roles in the security arena, I kept my focus on obtaining an MBA which would ensure I would be valuable to businesses. The key to my success was not knowing more about physical security – it was knowing more about how to run and operate a business. With my education and experiences I am able to translate how and why good security practice helps a business be more profitable.

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