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District Business Manager
U.S. Marine Corps - Sergeant, Amphibious Assault Vehicle Crew Chief

I joined Takeda after separating from the U.S. Marine Corps as an assault amphibious vehicle crewchief and began as a Sales Representative. In my ten years here, I have moved up the ladder to the role of District Business Manager, leading a team of 15 sales representatives. I have worked hard to not only encourage sales growth, but also to grow our internal military community. Takeda has most importantly helped me within my transition from the military to a successful career within the civilian sector. Takeda always saw my military skills as assets, which helped propel me into various leadership positions within the company. In turn, Takeda also heavily invests in its employees, providing training and mentoring opportunities. I feel extremely fortunate to work in an organization where I can use my military skills and am also constantly acquiring new talents, and where I can share my military experiences and try to help pay it forward to other veteran employees.


My advice to all separating veterans is to be able to tell your story using specific “real life” examples of what you experienced and how those skills will transfer into the civilian sector. In the Marine Corps we are taught to live the core values of honor, courage and commitment and I have been able to transfer my value of commitment from the Corps into the way I lead my sales team. Managing 15 sales representatives, I am committed to rolling up my sleeves to do whatever we need to do to work together and get the job done, no matter what the situation or obstacle is we are facing. Just like in the Corps, we periodically work under stressful conditions with strict deadlines and we always find a way to accomplish the mission. These three values are engrained in me and I have been able to use these foundational values in everything I do throughout life.

In the military, you’re serving your country and you’re giving back, and I think that’s exactly what Takeda does. … We put the patient at the center of everything we do. Through my work, I actually helping patients have a better quality of life, and at the end of the day, I can go home and feel proud of that.

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