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Business Development Specialist-Outbound Lead Generation Team
U.S. Army, National Guard - Staff Sergeant, Ammo Section Chief

I joined the United States Military in 2004 as a member of the United States Navy. I spent four years in the Navy where I deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan for multiple campaigns. I left the U.S. Navy in 2008 and enlisted into the Army National Guard. I am a 13B Ammo Team Chief and have experience working as a Squad Leader at the JBMDL Warrior Transition Unit where I helped injured, ill and wounded soldiers transition back into civilian life or to their home station units. I joined TD Bank in January 2015 as a Business Development Specialist. My role at TD is to speak with business owners throughout TD Bank's footprint and have conversations with them about their business needs. I have found that my experience and leadership from the military has helped me tremendously in my role. I utilize the skills and knowledge that I have acquired over the last 11 years in the military to help me stay focused on what's important throughout the day.


Look to use your experience, your skills and adaptability in whatever role that you may have at TD Bank. The best part of being a Veteran or Active Reservist is that you possess unique skills and attributes that are beneficial to a company like TD Bank. Don't be afraid to try something different and always take pride in the fact that you served your country! This is the first step in long and fruitful career for you and your family!


Keep Moving Forward - Whether you're just coming off Active Duty or have been in the civilian world for a while, keep driving toward your new career and opportunities, even if it seems difficult at first. These changes, along with many others, will present some challenges, but it is important to believe in yourself and your future. These new changes are going to pay off! Stick with it, drive on, and keep moving forward! 

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