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Business Analyst, North American Fraud Analytics
U.S. Air Force - Staff Sergeant, Computer, Network, Switching, and Cryptographic Systems

As a Business Analyst, I provide reporting, data analysis, and work closely with project teams and business partners to provide insight into fraud processes and trends. This role requires strong communication skills; I translate technical and complex fraud processes and trends into precise presentations and executive summaries which aid the Financial Crimes and Fraud Management team in decision making. My favorite part of the job is analyzing data, fraud trends, and then developing strategies that stop fraudsters from exploiting our customers and TD Bank. This requires the ability to look at problems from many view points and consider multiple factors to develop a solution that mitigates fraud while maintaining a positive experience for our customers.


Remember to network while you are in the military and stay in touch with your supervisors and mentors as they transition to the civilian world. I stayed in touch with many of my former military coworkers as they transitioned into civilian careers. As I transitioned, they reached out to provide encouragement and quickly became mentors. It was refreshing to know that other people had similar challenges and had insight on ways to handle situations. I remember sitting in a dressing room on the verge of a nervous breakdown because I did not know how formal or casual my work attire should be. After a few text messages with a mentor, I was told to "pull myself up by my bootstraps" and send her photos of the outfits and she helped me find a balance. Her advice was, buy enough outfits to get you through the first week. Choose ones that are formal but you are also able to transition into more casual if needed. Look at what everyone else wears that first week and then go shopping when you have a better understanding of your work environment.


After I left the Air Force I was focused on having an IT career. But, I struggled with finding a position in the IT space that had the hours and flexibility I needed; and initially the roles I did apply for I did not get.  I finally decided to be open-minded and started to explore other career paths. I applied for and accepted a project specialist role in Fraud Management with TD Bank. I never thought I would be able to find a job I loved as much as my job in the Air Force, but once I got my foot in the door I realized that I am passionate about fraud and it has changed the trajectory of my career. The best advice I could give to transitioning veterans is to stay open-minded and be flexible. Veterans have an enormous amount of skills and capabilities that are beneficial to any industry, so do not limit yourself. 

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