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Veterans and Disabilities Outreach Manager
U.S. Army - Warrant Officer, Black Hawk Pilot

As the Veteran and Disabilities Outreach Manager, I oversee the processes and methods to attract and retain veterans and people with disabilities across the nation. Being in the Army and also having a unique job of recruiting military candidates gives me the knowledge and insight that guides my decision making when determining what sources to use to attract those individuals. The most valuable skills the Army equipped me with that are crucial to my role is being an effective decision maker, the ability analyze information, and mostly importantly working as a team with my fellow colleagues.


The biggest problem is relying on job boards. Building relationships and taking the time to reach out to HR Managers and Recruiters is a better way to try to find a job.


Experience- Make sure you can translate your military experience into the business world and avoid speaking in military terms, so decisions makers can understand how your skills fit into their company.

Recon- Be proactive and diligent, instead of reactive when you looking for a job.Remember to research the job, company, and person in that position. 

First Impressions- Treat your social media profile like it’s your resume. Also remember to always act like you’re in an interview when speaking with people, decisions about your character are made on your first engagement. 

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