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Project Manager II
U.S. Navy - Petty Officer 2nd Class, Information Systems Technician

During my 24 years in the Navy, I worked hard to develop the soft skills that I can now apply to my professional career and the projects that I lead. Soft skills are essential to ensuring projects are successful. Skills like leading, coaching, and empowering those around you are vital to a project management role. Skills such as working to achieve the best out of your team and capturing the hearts and minds of those around you are also key to effective project management. Being able to schedule, budget, resource, plan and navigate risk and issue management, is all part of the job. Without people, projects do not happen, which means being able to effectively use soft skills are equally as vital as the hard skills required for a competent project manager.


Act with integrity in all you do.

Honor. Courage. Commitment. These are the Core Values of the United States Navy. And as a retired, disabled veteran they mean everything to me. When you give your word, always deliver on it. There are few more unappealing traits than being all talk and no action. People come to regard others with this bad habit as unreliable and inept, and begin to look past them when they need a “go-to’” person. While you should never promise to deliver the impossible, you should also never fail to deliver on your promises.


Confidence- Military life is structured so that one learns to do many new and often complicated things, including some dangerous, with competence. Competence leads to confidence.
Communication- Will save your butt, bad communication can make for a very bad day.
Always be prepared- I never enter into an important situation unprepared or with the belief that I’m already good enough to handle it. To me, this is a careless attitude for someone intent on winning at everything they do.

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