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Business Development Business Manager
U.S. Navy - Aircraft Mechanic

At 19 years old, I joined the U.S. Navy as an aircraft mechanic with nothing more than a high school diploma and a year of community college. I spent four years in the Navy as a mechanic, quality inspector and crew leader on turbo prop engines. Dedicated to serving my country, I enlisted in the NC Army National Guard where I was appointed Active Guard Reserve Recruiter.

I went on to receive a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from UNC Charlotte. With the help of UTC’s Employee Scholar Program, my love of learning didn’t stop there. I’m enrolled in graduate school at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University for an MS in leadership.

Currently, I’m a Business Development Account Manager at Sensors & Integrated Systems. What I love most about my job is creating solutions for business needs and managing customer expectations, both internally and externally.

As a female veteran and engineer, the opportunities for career growth (vertical and lateral) at UTC are abundant. I’m passionate about military products and am excited to support UTC Aerospace Systems’ mission “to be the best aerospace company for the world.”


The military is a melting pot of people from all backgrounds, united by a common focus. Don’t underestimate the value of soft skills developed in the military (e.g., leadership, teamwork, decisiveness, cultural sensitivity). These are assets you bring to the business that other applicants may not.

Don’t look for a particular job. Simply get your foot in the door and find a company whose values are congruent with yours. The right business will encourage lateral moves to ensure your role is a good fit.

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