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Test Engineer
U.S. Navy - Missile Technician

I joined the Navy in 1970. After initial boot training, I attended Navy Electronics “A” school and “C” schools at the Guided Missile School in Virginia Beach. After graduating, I completed basic submarine training in New London, Connecticut. I was subsequently assigned to the fleet ballistic submarine U.S.S. Casimir Pulaski where I completed seven deterrent patrols. I also served as an instructor at submarine school prior to leaving the Navy.

I was hired by Simmonds Precision, now part of UTC Aerospace Systems, in 1977 as an Electronics Technician. With the support of the company, I went on to receive my bachelor’s degree and was promoted to Test Engineer.

Today, I support circuit card testing both on-site and at contract manufacturers’ sites, interacting with test engineers and test operators to understand their needs and issues. Once I identify the problems, it’s my task to find solutions. This might involve a simple review of test data, writing a change to a test program, or an entirely new design for a test set. I also maintain circuit card test equipment at the Vermont site. On the side, I participate in the electrostatic discharge (ESD) committee and provide guidance pertaining to all areas of static control. I’m heavily involved with the local Veterans Employee Resource Group and serve as the Co-Chair.


Don’t accept “we have always done it this way” as an answer when you find an issue that doesn’t comply with a procedure or doesn’t make sense. Veterans gain work skills and insight that simply going to school can’t provide. They understand the need to be on time for work schedules and assigned projects. Take advantage of the learning opportunities available at UTC. As an employee, I completed my bachelor’s degree and am grateful to work for a company that helps achieve my goals.

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