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U.S. Army - Captain, Infantry Officer

I handle the logistical portion of Verizon’s wireline portion of the company. This includes, handling purchase orders that are created from engineering ordering the material that is needed for jobs taking place nationally. To do this I need to monitor not only the order itself but its transportation, pricing and payment terms. I work with a team to ensure we are meeting our vendors and internal customers’ needs and plan the best strategy to do so in the most efficient and effective manner possible.


I took both the leadership and logistical skills I gained in the Army and applied them in the corporate world, specifically at Verizon. As soon as I realized that the job I was hired for is not all that different from my prior position in the military, it just used different vocabulary and terms, I started to excel.


Education and Training- Having obtained a bachelor’s degree in college certainly helped me to learn how to think and it allowed me to transition to what I learned to practical use in a professional setting. The leadership skills that were developed from the Army Officer Basic Course, Airborne School and Ranger School aided me in not allowing myself to be limited in anything I do.  With the experience of leading forty men in combat, I reached a responsibility level that most males in their twenties do not get to. I believe the combination of my education, military schooling and leadership is what made me such a desirable hire in the eyes of my employer, Verizon Communications.

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