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Program Manager, Service Lead - Client Services Management
U.S. Army - Colonel, Signal Corps

My daily duties include managing the overall program for Verizon’s data center contract supporting the United States Army Reserve Command (USARC) at Ft Bragg, NC. I manage the execution of all projects in support of USARC to provide communications support to all Army Reserve Units nationwide. As the lead Verizon person on site, the skills I acquired during my military career are essential to my success. The ability to get the mission done, work closely with numerous USARC customers and manage their expectations is crucial to the proper management of this contract. I thrive on the daily interaction with Government civilians, military and contractors, teaming up to provide the best IT support possible to our customer.


It is very difficult to figure out what you are going to do in life after the military but the best advice I can share from my transition is to prepare yourself for your post military career. As is our nature, all too often, military folks sacrifice everything to support the mission, but there comes a time in your life when your military service will end. Make sure you prepare yourself by earning IT certifications and education to better market yourself to civilian employers.


I focused my entire career on achieving a senior level management position because I absolutely enjoy working with people. I sought out positions that allowed me to fully exercise my leadership abilities by commanding from company to brigade level. By taking on the most challenging jobs, I was able to learn, grow and develop my skills to be able to handle the most difficult and stressful situations while achieving stellar results. The most important thing I did with my entire career was surrounding myself with great people who shared my vision, taking care of them, and in return they took care of me by making me successful. Teamwork is the cornerstone to greatness and you can achieve so much more when everyone shares in your vision and has ownership in achieving the same goals.

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