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Director, Merchant Services
U.S. Air Force - Chief Master Sergeant, Medical

My current job consists of working with merchants who integrate our Visa Checkout payment method to their checkout flow for ecommerce. I partner with the Sales and Marketing team assigned to the merchants to ensure we are providing the merchants with the best user experience and resources for our product. Business Reviews, onsite visits, and team meetings are a regular occurrence. I like the fact my military job was different, yet similar that allowed me to use the same skills. I worked in a medical unit before retirement. My unit managed medical records and the physical exam process.


When I got off Active Duty I was lost when it came to job interviews. I still used terms like Duty Hours when asking what the work schedule would be like. One potential employer laughed, and I was ashamed. I learned to not be, and told myself, “this is who you are and you will slowly adjust.” I had the same issue when writing a date on something in military format and had a boss who would smile and ask me to correct the date. What you bring to the civilian workforce is commitment, dedication, loyalty, and motivation. The military isn’t just a job, it is a lifestyle and good work ethics are engrained in you. Take that same level of drive and pride into the civilian work force. Learn the responsibilities, take the initiative to further your knowledge of the product/team. Continue with your ability to be where you should be, when you should be and on time. If anything the military teaches you about being on time.


In the military my goal was to retire at the highest enlisted rank, note only 1% of the Air Force holds the rank of E9. With that I had to make sure my military education was completed. I even went to Tech School to cross train and learn another career to help me reach my goals. In the civilian world I knew my AA from the Community College of the Air Force wasn’t enough, so I made sure I completed school to attain my undergraduate degree. I stress always continue education as needed to continue to improve your skills. In addition, if your company offers additional education or training opportunities take advantage of those. Network internally and externally as it opens up more opportunities.  

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