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Vice President, Global Lead Data Center Engineering & Operations
U.S. Navy - Lieutenant, Surface Warfare Officer

I lead a team of Data Center professionals to ensure we provide secure and reliable critical infrastructure that supports all of our financial transaction technology. Our diligence assures we provide 7x24x365 availability for all Visa transactions.

Dedication to the mission is the bedrock in our day-to-day activities. If our team fails to do our job, then the rest of Visa’s Technology platform will fail. Principles of honesty, integrity, shared responsibility, and teamwork ensure we accomplish our Mission. Leadership focus on family, health and personal development enables work-life integration. One of the first lessons I learned as a Plebe at the Naval Academy, was that “Men {People} mean more than guns in the rating of a ship…” It does not matter how much advanced technology or tools you have, it is not the most important factor in your organization. People and our ability to lead them matters most. Ultimately, leadership will be your value proposition to the organization.

Most of my team’s days are spent planning and executing maintenance in our critical infrastructure as well as reviewing procedures and long range planning. We must constantly view the world from the prism of a tactical and strategic view simultaneously. Because we provide constant availability, we need to do whatever it takes, to ensure critical electricity and cooling are always available to support ongoing financial transactions. Despite this requirement, we cannot make short-term convenient decisions and compromise our future. We must always anticipate what may happen in the future and learn to see around corners for unforeseen threats to availability.


Continue to develop your leadership and your communication skills. These are just as critical in the civilian world as it is in the military.

Join professional associations in your chosen field to understand the business model and specifics of your targeted industry and build relationships outside of the military. Go through whatever interview preparation classes that you have at your disposal. Reconnect with Shipmates that are a few years ahead of you in the process to get fresh perspectives. Seek out a mentor that you can test ideas and scenarios, and from whom you can receive critical feedback.


My career has been one in which my experience as a young Naval Officer has forever shaped my perspective. Take the hardest, ugliest jobs that nobody else wanted go in with a smile and positive attitude and you will be amazed at the talent you will find. The people that are on those teams work extremely hard and are dedicated because they are often those jobs crucial to the success of the organization of which they are a part. Most of all find fun in whatever job you have and take the time and effort get to know and understand the people around you, because after the jobs are gone, just like the military, the only thing left are your great experiences, memories, and most importantly, shipmates.

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