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Diversity Initiatives Consultant
U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps - Sergeant First Class, Combat Engineer

Develops solutions and tools to bridge gaps and provide technical assistance to the multiple entities involved with the diversity programs. Coach key expert resources for alignment with operating objectives.

Serves as primary point of contact to field managers and field HR to provide guidance and assistance to execute and administer diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives.

Collaborates with key partners in order to successfully implement diversity and inclusion initiatives, such as disability inclusion initiatives and create reporting methods to track progress towards program goals, including progress made toward hiring, and engagement initiatives.

Identifies new opportunities to ensure the diversity programs meet and support operational needs.

Administers day to day activities around diversity programs and participates in the recommendation/implementation of innovative processes and ideas that accomplish diversity and inclusion goals.


Don’t get hung up on your MOS, but instead look at your duty position and the additional duties and special assignments you have done. Take the time to translate your military skill sets to civilian terminology; you have more experience than you think you do. Also remember the leadership schools that you have attended as well as those “little courses” you thought that don’t matter – you’ll be surprised to find out that they do.


Get as much education as you can while on active duty. If you haven’t quite figured out what you want to do, at least complete the “core requirements” for a bachelor’s degree. 

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