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Military Affairs Program Manager
U.S. Army - Major, Field Artillery

As the Military Affairs Program Manager I help guide the strategy for Wells Fargo  around anything that has to do with the military or veterans in our communities nationally. I work with government agencies, non-profit organizations, internal lines of business and individuals to ensure we are doing the right thing for our military and veteran customers and communities. Most of my time is spent activating others to express our commitment in our communities in meaningful and tangible ways. I do this through facilitating conversations with stakeholders, advising on how to execute certain specific national priorities, and planning with the right partners around impending trends or policies. The best part about my job is working with teams internally and externally toward a common goal and seeing it through to realization!


Persistence! Set your goal and work toward it each day. Keep in mind that almost always getting to the goal that requires change will require you to do things you are not used to doing. Sometimes your goal needs to be refined as you learn new information.


Networking- During this time I was working temporary bank jobs, networking, and trying to land in my field of choice. It was the continued connection to my professional military network and part time income from my National Guard duty that allowed me to continue to press forward toward my goal and not have to settle.
Intangible assets- By the time I finished OCS I had a full time job as a proof operator, teller, credit analyst and management trainee, I learned the industry from the ground up. I reallly felt like I was in entry level jobs, ones that did not account for my experience! Later I could see that I moved into positions of greater responsibility with relative ease due to the qualities, the intangible assets that my employer saw in me, all developed while I was in the military.

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