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Senior Business Analyst
U.S. Marine Corps - Corporal

I am the Senior Business Analyst for the Global Operations and Support Organization at Workday. I love Workday for the:

● Diversity
● Collaboration with the most intelligent people in the world
● Fun culture
● Senior leaders who highly value their employees
● Career growth
● Healthy challenges where we strive for excellence

As a former United States Marine, I thrive in my current role by capitalizing on my military skills such as leadership, attention to detail, confidence in collaborating with stakeholders, creating processes and solutions, taking a strategic approach, empowering others, and always being up for challenges and executing deadlines.


Workday has the same Esprit de Corps values as the Marine Corps. They love and value veterans! Workday hired 10 out of 12 veterans from its first Career Accelerator Program. Workday empowers and values their talented employees. Workday is also a great way to start your career in tech since we have the latest SAAS technology and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. You will work with global experts who collaborate to achieve great things. You will gain valuable experience that will put you on the fast track for becoming a leader in tech.

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