Accounting Content Developer

The Accounting Content Developer develops original technical accounting content and (or) reviews technical accounting content prepared by others for accuracy. The Developer creates and (or) reviews technical accounting content by performing research and discussing issues with subject matter experts. The Developer is responsible for coordinating publication of the technical accounting content, which involves using the appropriate Word template to capture the content, addressing technical review comments, finalizing the content, working with the appropriate party to design and edit the content, creating communications to announce the content, creating ancillary content for the external website (e.g., landing page content), submitting the final designed content for publication on the intranet and internet and reviewing publication of the content.

Essential Duties:

1.     Develops technical accounting content:

  • Keeps current on accounting standard-setting activities 
  • Discusses the need for technical accounting content with subject matter expert(s), prepares a plan for developing that content and reviews the plan with subject matter expert(s)
  •  Gains an in-depth understanding of the topic and (or) issue that is the subject of the technical accounting content and appropriately uses external resources in doing so
  • Develops original technical accounting content, coordinates its technical review by subject matter expert(s) and addresses all technical review comments
  • Coordinates design and editorial review of finalized technical accounting content, addresses all editorial review comments and reviews designed draft for completeness and style
  • Coordinates publication of the designed technical accounting content, which includes preparation of landing page content and articles (as necessary)

2.     Reviews technical accounting content:

  • Gains an in-depth understanding of the topic and (or) issue that is the subject of the technical accounting content and appropriately uses external resources in doing so
  • Verifies the technical accuracy of the accounting content
  • Captures comments, questions and changes resulting from the technical review in a clear and concise manner 
  • Works with author of technical accounting content to ensure comments, questions and changes are appropriately addressed

3.     Participates in overall management of thought leadership:

  • Performs maintenance of the Financial Reporting Resource Center on the internet
  • Assists in managing presentation of thought leadership on the intranet
  • Helps with coordination of thought leadership currency review

4.     Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s Degree in accounting (required)
  • License to practice Certified Public Accounting in state of residence (required)


  • 5+ years’ experience in public accounting (required)
  • 2+ years’ experience addressing technical accounting issues (required)
  • Prior experience with creating technical accounting content (preferred)

Technical/Soft Skills:

  • Strong technical accounting skills (required)
  • Strong writing skills (required)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word (required)
  • Ability to work efficiently and effectively with limited supervision (required)
  • Ability to effectively communicate with diverse audiences 

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