Agent Manager- New Hyde Park, NY

  • Company: AmerisourceBergen
  • Location: New Hyde Park, New York
  • Posted: January 19, 2017
  • Reference ID: 00001HDZ
  • Rectifying Agent Operational Problems:
    • Daily monitoring of agent issues via agent follow-up (world star) and e-mails.
    • Discussing issues with agents via phone calls and emails to determine solutions for all operational and personnel issues.
    • Documenting all major issues to keep in agent's file.
  • Agent TSA Compliance, WC SOP and DG Training:
    • Ensuring all agents are in compliance with all TSA regulations.
    • Ensuring all agents are updated with new TSA amendments and security measures.
    • Ensuring all agents understand and adhere to World Courier SOPs.
    • Ensuring all agents understand their obligation to DG Training and adhere to DG regulations.
    • Ensuring all agents are prepared for TSA audits.
  • Invoice Review and the Capturing of Domestic Charges:
    • Overseeing Agent Charge Coordinator who is responsible for entering domestic agent charges. The coordinator is also responsible for capturing and documenting additional charges that were not originally claimed that we can claim from our other offices and clients.
    • Overseeing Agent Analyst who is responsible for reviewing agent invoices on a bi- weekly basis and ensuring billing invoices are correct.
    • Ensuring "no charges" are documented and billed correctly
  • Agent Hiring and Replacement:
    • Finding new agents when needed by utilizing courier group websites, internet searches, contacting local chamber of commerce, contacting local airlines staff, and contacting local clients
    • Replacing current agents when situations such as reoccurring operational problems, customer complaints, or non-competitive agent rates arise.
  • Agent Site Visits/Audits:
    • Traveling to agent's physical place of business to inspect their operations, establish relationships with owners and management, discuss current operational issues and ways to improve on current service.
    • Conducting official audit reviews of agent facility and operations.
    • Meeting with local airline representatives to make sure they are aware of World Courier and our particular service needs.
    • Meeting local World Courier clients in the local agent area to ensure they are satisfied with our agent's service and discuss any operational issues.
  • Monitoring Online Agent Resource Center:
    • Managing the Agent Resource Center Administration page - maintain checklists for required agent documents.
    • Keeping agents lists, passwords, and e-mails current.
    • Fulfilling Agent Supply Requests.
  • Management of Opstar (Domestic Agents):
    • Updating agent pages when agent changes are made.
    • Keeping contact numbers, e-mail addresses and agent personnel information current.

  • Mastery of WC operations
  • Excellent written and oral communication

  • Professionalism

  • Strong Analytical skills

  • Leadership

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