Agricultural Integration Technician

  • Company: AmerisourceBergen
  • Posted: January 11, 2017
  • Reference ID: 00001H6Q
Job Overview:

The position is responsible for studying individual customer and industry business processes, identifying customer and key influencer objectives, adapting the Cubex Q-Bud System, as needed, to meet the customer's needs. The Business Solutions Analyst provides one -on -one personalized interviews and consultation, customer training, software system configuration and technical support to the clients of the Cubex Q-Bud system to create value and optimize the client's assets. This individual will act as the primary contact for assigned client and coordinate all related client service activities on behalf of both the client and Micro.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Use system analysis processes to understand the customers procedures and business in order to identify its goals and purposes to: 1. Configure the Cubex Q-Bud system, and 2. Develop inventory management regimes, specifications and procedures that will achieve the goals in a systematic and efficient way
  • Communicates effectively both in written and verbal form, the requirements between the system, the animal health inventory needs and the desired results of clients.
  • Coordinates, schedules and completes all work orders related to the preparation of the Cubex Q-Bud system for installation. This will include hardware specifications and coordination which are handed off to the installation team for said hardware installation.
  • Responsible for system configuration, quality assurance and testing of system data and training for new and existing clients on the Cubex Q-Bud system.
  • Provides technical software and user support for all aspects of the Cubex Q-Bud system.
  • Installs specified software packages including operating systems, database engines and word processing systems onto client computers.
  • Define, develop and communicate written operating procedures as they relate to the use of the Cubex Q-Bud system.
  • Understand client's requirements, design unique customer systems solutions, create business requirement documents for the Business Analyst and or Software Development Team to develop. Evaluate and test prototype (as needed) and final software products and or features when development is complete to insure client requirements are met. Modify system software by updating client's software and train client
  • Defines and implements remote access connectivity.
  • Presents on-going evaluation of the Cubex Q-Bud system and hardware back to other Micro teams for continued enhancement to software and equipment.
  • Monitors the performance of the Cubex Q-Bud system for all users, presents findings and consults back to the client changes in processes and procedures to meet ever changing goals.
  • Detects potential software and process problems, works with development teams to implement changes.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Education and Experience:
Position requires an Associate's degree or 2 years of college experience preferably in Animal Science, Inventory Management, or other related major. Two to three years of experience working in a dairy is a plus. Working knowledge of PCs, operating systems, data bases, software engines, and other related software is required. Position requires valid driver's license and frequent travel in the United States. Overnight travel required 25-35% of the time.

Core Competencies:

Decision Making : Identifies goals and constraints, considers risks, generates alternatives, evaluates options, and selects best alternatives.

Problem Solving : Uses analytical skills to understand that a problem does or could exist (i.e., that there is a discrepancy between what is and what should be); independently identifies possible reasons for the discrepancy and devises and implements a plan of action to resolve it.

Reasoning : Discovers the underlying relationship between two or more objects and uses that knowledge to solve a problem; uses logic to draw conclusions from available information; identifies general rules or principles; applies rules and principles to new situations; determines which conclusions are correct from analysis of a given set of facts and information.

Teamwork : Makes effort to seek others' input; willingly collaborates, coordinates and cooperates with others in the organization; develops effective working relationships with key associates.

Customer Service : Is customer oriented, sensitive and responsive to customer needs and priorities; establishes effective working relationships with customers and gains their respect and loyalty; identifies and takes appropriate action on customer needs.

Flexible/Adaptable : Views change or problems as an opportunity to grow professionally and to develop new and better ways to do things; adjusts readily to alterations in routine; copes effectively with changes in scope or type of work.

Time Management : Establishes realistic priorities; accurately assesses own time requirements for various projects; activities; schedules own time and activities efficiently.

Sense of Urgency : Demonstrates the ability to respond quickly to changes in day to day operation as it relates to department priorities.

Project Management : Develops proposal recommendations, action plans, and budgets for projects; allocates resources to get projects done; tracks and reports progress; communicates regularly with project team, management and customers; completes projects in a timely, effective and efficient manner.

Know the Customer and the Market : Knows customers in the market territory; keeps up to date on key competitors; understands and is responsive to the needs and expectations of relevant customer segments; establishes effective working relationships with customers to gain respect and loyalty; identifies opportunities presented by changes and shifts in the marketplace.

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