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You are a calm, collected, and calculated Architect with your finger on the pulse of the latest technologies and frameworks. Your evenings are spent tinkering and experimenting on the Next Big Idea. You know your way around a database better than some DBAs, and you show off a bit by using a command prompt instead of a IDE. You are overly particular about code quality and presentation, and coding without testing makes you cry a little. One minute you might be having an actual debate about Angular vs. Ember, and the next thing you know you?re clowning on the latest logo redesign with a designer buddy. The primary role of the Web Applications Engineer is creating and supporting hosted software applications with a focus on full-stack web development using cutting edge, stable technologies. A typical day might consist of a morning standup meeting, followed by jumping head first into a brand new product or technology. You?ll be exploring, creating, testing and showing off alongside your peers, working to build the best products and apps in our industry.

Your Skills and Expertise:

Bachelor?s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, similar technical degree, or a sick GitHub profile Architecture experience using PHP, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, Git, REST, JSON, jQuery and MySQL Experience with modern MVC architectures such as Laravel, Rails or Django Experience with modern front-end frameworks such as Backbone.js, Ember.js, or AngularJS Experience with test driven development (unit, acceptance and functional testing) Experience with Agile software development such as Scrum or Kanban Strong interpersonal skills, including written and verbal communication, time management and conflict resolution Ability to excel in a team setting Strong work ethic, attention to detail and drive to be successful

What You'll Be Doing:

Designing, coding, testing and analyzing new and existing web-based software applications Conducting research on emerging application development software products and packages, languages, and standards in support of development efforts Preparing technical documentation for end-user training Creating new open source packages and improving existing packages Collaborating with other developers about creative solutions to challenging tasks Leveraging cloud-based solutions when it's the right fit for the job

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