Assembler I

Follows color-coded maps and assembly instructions to manually place intricate, .025 component leads into Printed Circuit Board (PCB) holes of approximately .032.
Uses written instructions to form (bend) component leads for proper fit into PCB.

Places prepared components into identified bins for next operation.

Performs mechanical assembly operations on all pre-assembly components. Soldering and Final Assembly

Places unsoldered, stuffed PCB into holder.

Uses hand tools and automatic screwdrivers to perform mechanical post-solder assembly operations.

What you need to succeed in this position:

Familiarity with electronic components and ability to perform basic and routine electronic assembly operations.

Excellent visual acuity as well as color distinction.

Good eye-hand coordination.

Good verbal comprehension in order to follow verbal instructions.

Good reading skills to follow written instructions.

Manual soldering experience helpful but not required.

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