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Assembler II - Redline Final
Marinette , Wisconsin
September 08, 2017
Job Description:
An Assembler III works under the supervision of the Fire Protection Products Supervisor while performing Team Leader responsibilities, the Hand Portable Assembler works from blueprints to determine proper assembly, filling and packaging requirements of hand portable extinguisher. Assembles Red Line, PAIU Submarine and other extinguishers by gluing proper nameplate, attaching parts, testing pressure and filling the FE 36 (Clean Guard) shells with proper dry or wet chemical such as FE 36. Pin stamps, cleans, packages and palletizes the finished product by following the proper production order.

Comply with the following health and safety duties as a condition of employment:
• Comply with safety rules
• Attend and Participate in Safety Training
• Participate actively in the safety process
• Report all accidents and injuries immediately
• Submit suggestions to improve safety
• Know their duties in case of emergency
• Be a coach to others who are acting unsafely

Comply with the following environmental duties as a condition of employment:
• Attend and participate in all hazardous and non-hazardous waste trainings.
• Ability to recognize chemical hazardous labels.
• Spill management and clean-up.
• Capability to follow satellite accumulation rules and requirements.
• Proficiency to recognize hazardous wastes in your area and manage properly.

Job Qualifications:
Must be able to retain a large volume of product knowledge and manufacturing variations. Must be able to read the contents of nameplates and production orders assuring that they are properly processed and filled. Must be able to understand and set dials when operating the filling machines. Must maintain inspection logs. Fill out daily time card including production counts and orders. High school experience or equivalent for the job is helpful. Must be able to read and write and understand simple math and basic computer operations. Report scrap on scrap tickets discrepancy reports. Knowledge and ability to read and understand the setting gauge readings, use hand tools, air wrenches, riveters and knowing proper start-up and shutdown procedure.

1. Checks to see that all parts are available for assembly from work order specifications. Glues, positions and operates nameplate presses to attach proper nameplates to Red line extinguishers. Inspects inside of shells for fabrication defects. Keeps a record of processed and rejected shells. Performs minor maintenance on the gluing apparatus to assure proper operation. Submits lots for Underwriters Lab.
2. Following correct production orders assembles component parts to extinguishers using air wrenches, riveters and hand tools. Visually checks components for their completeness. Reworks defective machine parts as they occur, spending up to one hour per shift. Uses small grinder to grind shell collars prior to pin stamping.
3. Assembles extinguishers according to established safety procedures to pressurize shells to 240 pounds per psi prior to leak testing. Applies soap solution around nozzle, receiver, gas tube and welds, checking for leaks. Occasionally assembles hoses to nozzles.
4. Operates semi-automatic wet and dry chemical filling machine to fill various size Red Line and Sentry extinguishers, including stored pressure models with various types of the chemical agents and FE 36. Involves setting timers and adjusting filling cycles according to chemical agent variation. Weights the filled extinguishers and assures proper weight according to UL specifications. Does set up on pin stamper for various size shells. Adds coding to computer for identifying model to initiate pin stamping. Programs model variations. On the Red Line extinguishers, performs final assembly operation by using air wrench to tighten the fill cap to proper torque and installs cartridge and guard.
5. Wipes excess dry chemical from Red Line extinguisher; attaches visual seals, adds component parts as required by production order including extra labels. Stamps packages with lot number, part number, and other applicable stamps. Check packages and places extinguishers on a pallet keeping a record of the number and type of extinguishers packaged. Operates overhead hoist for handling large extinguishers. Does final inspection on product prior to releasing for shipment. Occasionally prepares cartons for shipping. Required to occasionally operate forklift.
6. Air tests Redline at 240 PSI.

7. Fills various FE 36 extinguishers and Helium tanks, transfers FE 36 from bulk tank into temporing tanks. When transferring chemical uses judgement to insure all valves are properly sealed. Since one of the properties of this chemical is that is has its own vapor pressure of 25 P.S.I., it is essential to insure a proper seal through thorough inspection of "O" rings. At end of shift insures proper shutdown of FE 36 system.
8. Sets up air wrenches. At the end of each shift or sooner if required, changes dry chemical fill tanks by shutting down the vacuum line and dumping contaminated agent into waste barrels. Performs minor maintenance on equipment such as removing and installing filters, cleaning lines, assembling and disassembling vacuum lines, removing and replacing pinch valves, and performing minor repairs on hand tools. Cleans inside of chemical silos as needed.
9. Touches up any shell with paint.
10. Operates mass spectrometer in order to detect leaks and indicate rejects on all pressurized hand portable shells before shipment. Sets up spectrometer as required for each type of extinguisher that is tested by making adjustments to gauges and dials. Monitors process by removing rejects and passing tested extinguisher on for packaging. Performs minor maintenance on machine such as cleaning cylinders and identifies reason for reject. Keeps record of leakers. Sets up auto labeling machine for labeling various size and product lines to prints.
11. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Supervisor.

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